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Focusing on product research and development in the field of information security, we are committed to providing professional information security products, solutions, technical advisory services for government, military and other secret-related units, as well as other enterprises and institutions.

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Typical customers

Sinopec Group - File Encryption Seven Wolves - File Encryption Zhongtian Science and Technology - File Encryption Zhuhai Audit Bureau - File Encryption China Customs - File Encryption One Plus One-File Encryption Nannan Aluminum Group - File Encryption Talent Clothing - File Encryption China Social Security Bureau - File Encryption Bank of Guangzhou - File Encryption
Dayun Vehicle - File Encryption Shandong Binzhou Bohai Piston Stock-Data Encryption/File Encryption Pianzaihuang Pharmaceutical Industry - File Encryption East Ejiao-File Encryption Xiamen State Secret Administration-Data Encryption National University of Defense Science and Technology - File Encryption Maotai, Guizhou - File Encryption Beidou Aerospace Group - File Encryption Fuhua Machinery - File Encryption Anhui Institute of Light Industry Design
Cologne Pharmaceutical - File Encryption Qilu Pharmaceutical - File Encryption Sino-Manchurian Petroleum-Data Encryption State Pharmaceutical Holdings - File Encryption Intermediate Computer International - File Encryption Tianshan Group - File Encryption Jordan Sports - File Encryption Spacecraft Electrical Appliances-Data Encryption Yeqiao Investment - Data Encryption Guangdong Thermal Power-Data Encryption


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Customer service

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