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Focusing on product research and development in the field of information security, we are committed to providing professional information security products, solutions, technical advisory services for government, military and other secret-related units, as well as other enterprises and institutions.

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Introduction of functional modules

  • File Transparent Encryption Module File Transparent Encryption Module

    File transparent encryption module is a core driver layer encryption, drawing encryption and document encryption system developed to prevent electronic files from being leaked by employees in the unit. Without affecting any normal operation of the computer, the system forces the automatic encryption of files when they are copied, newly built or modified. Encrypted files can only be used normally on the internal computer of the unit. Once they are separated from the internal network environment of the unit, they are scrambled or can not be opened on the external computer. Encrypted files can only be used normally when they are decrypted by administrators.

  • File Outgoing Control Module File Outgoing Control Module

    For some important documents to be sent out, it is necessary to apply to the superior leaders in advance before they can be sent out to customers or partners. After the authorized client or partner obtains the controlled outgoing document, it is necessary to authenticate legally when opening it before accessing it within the authorized scope. The ways of identity authentication include password authentication, machine code authentication and network authentication. Access rights include: reading times, printable, screenshot, editable, reading duration, expired self-destruction, recycling, etc. Authorized customers or partners can access the file without installing any plug-ins on their computers.

  • Server whitelist module Server whitelist module

    Enterprises and institutions do not need to install any plug-ins on the internal application system, and they need to uniformly configure the terminal encryption file to upload to the designated server in plaintext or ciphertext beforehand through the data leak prevention system. The encryption terminal in the unit will automatically judge if the plaintext storage is required. After dynamic decryption, upload without manual intervention.

  • Portable decryption terminal module Portable decryption terminal module

    Tianrui Green Shield portable decryption terminal (hereinafter referred to as "decryption KEY") is a hardware and software integrated product, similar to U disk, plug and play. It is used with Tianrui Green Shield Data Anti-Secret System. Without installing an encrypted client, it uses decrypted KEY to view encrypted documents inside the unit. The decryption key can only be used by legitimate users, and it also provides the operation records of ordinary users and administrators using decryption KEY.

  • Mac System Encryption Module Mac System Encryption Module

    With the increasing number of enterprises using Mac, more and more business secret data are involved. There are still many security risks in the process of using, transferring and keeping Mac. Tianrui Green Shield adds transparent encryption of Mac terminal data, which can realize compulsory encryption and transparent use of business secret data in Mac terminal without affecting the normal work of employees, and prevent data leakage.

  • Secret level management module Secret level management module

    For confidential documents within the unit, unified management and graded responsibility should be achieved. According to the actual needs of work, the level of the designated person in charge can be set, so as to limit the reading rights of confidential documents. That is to say, only those who are above or equal to the level can read the files made by operators at a certain level, which effectively guarantees the security and anti-leakage effect of confidential documents.

  • Off line management module Off line management module

    For all employees working with notebooks, the company sets a default time (e.g. 72 hours), within the default time, bring the notebook home to work with the same safety management effect as within the company; for employees on business, you can apply online to your superiors, grant a reasonable time, take the notebook to work on business, and on business. The same security management effect within the company; some computers need to be disconnected from the company network for a long time, or when they can not connect to the network, they also need to protect the files on the computer, while viewing the encrypted files on other computers of the company. At this time, you can choose to install an offline terminal on such computers.

  • Mobile terminal management module Mobile terminal management module

    In order to facilitate mobile office, Tianrui Green Shield mobile terminal module supports adding, modifying or deleting mobile terminal information (mobile terminals supporting IPAD, IPhone and Android systems). Users can read encrypted documents online through mobile terminals. The mobile terminal has the function of message pushing mechanism, which guarantees real-time pushing, and supports video, audio file encryption and watermarking display. While facilitating mobile office, it also protects the data security of enterprises and institutions.

  • Linux Terminal Management Module Linux Terminal Management Module

    Tianrui Green Shield Linux Terminal Management Module adopts the transparent encryption and decryption technology of documents based on Linux kernel. Without changing user's habits, computer file format size and compiler program, it can transparently encrypt and decrypt files of specified types. It has no difference with the experience of Windows encrypted files, and can also be compared with Windows encrypted files. Encryption client is perfectly compatible, and the system is convenient for users to view and compile the same encrypted documents on Windows platform and Linux platform.

  • Multi-system Encryption Seamless Control Multi-system Encryption Seamless Control

    At present, most enterprises are using Windows, Mac or Linux terminals together. Document encryption management often encounters incompatible phenomena. In order to unify the management, the same encryption system must be used to ensure the information security of enterprises and the circulation of documents among internal staff. Aiming at this multi-system file encryption requirement, Tianrui Green Shield has covered Mac, Windows and Linux systems in an all-round way. It implements unified document encryption among multiple systems and seamless file encryption management and control.

  • Document approval module Document approval module

    Tianrui Green Shield Document Examination and Approval Function refers to providing flexible examination and approval function to ensure office efficiency in the daily office, in the face of documents decryption, document outgoing, business office and other applications. Tianrui Green Shield can customize the approval process according to the internal structure of the enterprise, and declassify, offline and outward applications according to the customized process. Document approval support process allocates examination and approval according to operators and approval posts; supports process approver to set up operators, approval posts and department heads; supports Mac terminal decryption approval, print out approval, off-line approval, direct out approval, confidentiality approval; supports Mac terminal decryption, confidentiality and off-line application.

  • File Translucent Encryption Module File Translucent Encryption Module

    Tianrui Green Shield File Translucent Encryption Module in order to solve the large amount of documents within the enterprise, from the perspective of balance efficiency and security, for some non-core departments of the document does not need encryption protection, only need to be able to open the encrypted file, thus avoiding the tedious process of approval and decryption. Based on this requirement, Tianrui Green Shield supports translucent encryption support office, wps, PDF and other common office software; supports normal operation of ciphertext, while maintaining file encryption status, ciphertext viewing, editing, saving is still ciphertext, plaintext viewing, editing, saving is still plaintext.

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