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Focusing on product research and development in the field of information security, we are committed to providing professional information security products, solutions, technical advisory services for government, military and other secret-related units, as well as other enterprises and institutions.

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(1)Simple deployment, more stable system.
  Combining 802.1x and RADIUS AAA authentication technology by-pass deployment, supporting old and old devices such as hub and Layer 2 switch, the new and old networks are easy to upgrade, transform and expand, without changing the original network deployment of enterprises, after authentication, the data need not pass through access server, and the system is more stable.

(2)Isolation of Intranet and External Network and Safety of Enterprise Network
Employees can access corresponding network resources through Tianrui Green Shield User Name Authentication. Visitors do not need to authenticate, but can not access intranet resources to prevent data leakage within enterprises.

(3)Intranet resources can be divided and managed more flexibly
    Through VLAN technology to divide intranet resources, different roles and different access rights, flexible management of intranet.

(4)Customization of access threshold, real-time audit of security reports, enterprise network security situation at a glance.
It can customize the scanning rules of terminals, strictly regulate the access terminals, report the scanning reports in real time, and check the violation status according to the users by the departments. The network security management is efficient and simple.

(5)Systematic management has three separate powers and clear responsibilities.
System privileges are fine-grained, different responsibilities and different privileges, avoid misoperation, real-time audit of operation content, simple and safe management.

(6)Compatibility is strong and expandable
Tianrui Green Shield is compatible with other products, which facilitates the implementation of subsequent data information security schemes for enterprises.

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