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leak prevention target

[leak prevention target]

No: employee leaks, customer leaks, network leaks, print leaks, lost leaks, separation leaks, travel leaks, decryption leaks

1. Without changing any operating habits of employees, not changing the hardware environment and network environment, do not affect office efficiency, employees can not feel the existence of data encryption, to achieve the company's data leak prevention management.

2. No matter through the QQ,mail, U disk and other ways, the employees send out the important documents inside the company, the data are all encrypted.

3. Storage of the company's important data U disk, optical disk inadvertently lost, open in an unauthorized environment are encrypted state.

4. Only when USBkey is plugged into the computer can the client log in normally. Prevent data leakage when the computer is lost.

5. Without approval, it is futile for employees, in any way, to try to leak important information, such as new design drawings, financial statements, to rival companies.

6. External important documents issued to customers, according to the requirements of the company can arbitrarily set the document for who to see, where to see, can see several times, whether can print, screenshot and other authority arbitrary control.

7. Do not change the existing application server structure, do not install any plug-in on the application server, the terminal encryption file is automatically decrypted to the server to save, and downloaded to the local computer to automatically encrypt.

8. In the protection of mobile office to the company to bring convenient and fast office efficiency, at the same time to prevent internal important data leak.

9. Files are automatically backed up and uploaded to the server after being created or edited to prevent file loss caused by misoperation or malicious deletion, especially the permanent loss of files caused by employee format hard disk.

10. In the application program level, strictly restrict the user's legal behavior on the designated computer and prohibit the behavior, ensure that the user can only use the computer normally within the legal scope, and avoid the misuse of resources by the user. It also avoids the high maintenance cost.

11. Timely access to the security patch update, to avoid terminal because of the existence of high-risk loopholes to the enterprise caused incalculable losses.

12. In the system equipment level, the user's access rights and network transmission control to hardware devices (such as optical disk drive, CD-ROM,USB device, printer, network card, etc.) are strictly limited. Reduces the likelihood that the host will be attacked or launched an external attack, while also preventing data disclosure.

13. To provide a comprehensive and flexible network resource allocation mechanism.

14. The problems of terminal management can be effectively solved by monitoring and managing the hardware and software assets on the terminal, automatic distribution and installation of the whole network, remote terminal maintenance, management and audit, etc.

15. Fine-grained network content audit: can access to the website, email, remote terminal access, forum posting and other key information monitoring, restore.

16. Comprehensive terminal behavior audit: file operation log, application program use log, USB external log, CD burning log and so on, provide comprehensive behavior monitoring, easy to trace and obtain evidence after the event.

17. Integrated traffic analysis: network traffic can be comprehensively analyzed to provide reliable support for the management of network bandwidth resources.

18. Detailed statistical report analysis: provide detailed comprehensive statistical analysis report, clear review of the employee's day / month work situation.

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