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leak prevention target

1.1 The functional advantages of the Integrated solution of Sky sharp Green Shield

1.1.1 Three in one platform management

Encryption control audit, layer by layer protection, for enterprises and institutions to establish the most secure data protection system.

1.1.2 Diversified office mode

Provide transparent mandatory encryption, translucent encryption, only decryption not encryption, floor encryption, total encryption and other encryption modes, for enterprise data security management to provide a variety of management methods.

1.1.3 Flexible user authentication

Tipray Green Shield provides a variety of user authentication methods to meet different application needs:

√ User name and password login

 Bound computer automatic login

 USBKEY binding login

√ Domain combined login

1.1.4 Convenient mobile office

The examiners can examine and approve the applications submitted by their subordinates through web pages or mobile terminals, such as decryption, printing, direct outgoing and offline applications.

√ The user can install app, on the Tipray Green Shield Mobile Device to realize the online access to the encrypted files on the internal application system of the enterprise;

√ For offline, travel, home-office and other special business scenarios have mature solutions to meet the security of business continuity at the same time.

1.1.5 Seamless compatibility with application systems

Tipray Green Shield provides mature enterprise core business system integration and integration scheme to meet the seamless security integration with all kinds of business systems, to achieve the core business system data security protection and reinforcement.

1.1.6 Full platform support

Tipray Green Shield covers PC operating system such as Mac,Windows,Linux and mobile phone operating system such as Android,iOS to realize unified encryption of documents and seamless control among multiple systems.

1.2 Technological superiority

1.2.1 Triple key system

Tipray Green Shield uses a unique triple key management, more secure in the security.

√ Master key: the only guarantee in the world that you can't create two identical encryption environments, that is, guarantee that any two client files using Aegis can't open each other.

√ Enterprise key: the enterprise self-set, to ensure that the manufacturer gets the ciphertext, also can not decrypt. At present, no other encryption software can provide this feature.

√ File key: each file encryption randomly generates a file key to improve encryption security.

1.2.2 Autonomous development database

Tipray Green Shield independent research and development database, access speed, good compatibility, security and stability, while reducing enterprise investment costs, in installation, upgrade, maintenance are very simple and fast.

1.2.3 Driver layer encryption technology

Tipray Green Shield uses file filter driver layer encryption technology, compared with other encryption technology advantages

1Disk encryption:

Disk encryption technology works below the kernel layer, above the disk layer, and cannot identify which data is written or read by which process, making it easy for any application to read the encrypted file, such as storing it on a network shared disk. Is plaintext.

2Application layer encryption:

The application layer encrypts through the windows hook technology, monitors the application program to the file opening and the save, when opens the file, first will ciphertext conversion, then lets the program read into the memory, guarantees the program to read is clear text, but in the save time, The plaintext in memory is encrypted and then written to disk. Closely related to the application, it is started by monitoring the startup of the application. Once the application name changes, you cannot hook up. At the same time, because different applications use different ways to read and write files, and different versions of the same software also change when processing data, the hook transparent encryption must be directed against Each application, or even every version, is developed.

In order to limit the hacker intrusion, the application has set up the anti-hook technology. Once the hook intrusion is discovered, the application program will stop running automatically, so the application layer encryption can easily avoid bypassing by anti-hook. The application layer transparent encryption technology (hook transparent encryption technology) is easy to develop, but there are technical defects, the application version change is easy to produce incompatibility, and easy to be cracked by anti-Hook.

3Driver layer encryption:

Driver layer transparent encryption technology works in the windows kernel layer, he works in the lower layer of the windows API function. When the API function reads a file of a specified type, the system decrypts the file automatically, and encrypts the plaintext automatically when entering the write operation. Because it works in the kernel layer protected by windows, it runs faster and the operation of encryption and decryption is more stable, but it is difficult to develop.

1.2.4 Distributed deployment mode

Tipray Green Shield supports the "multi-acquisition server" deployment mode, that is, using one engine server to manage multiple data acquisition servers, which can realize the unified platform management of the number of terminal users in theory. For example, the domestic seven wolves (6000 users) and Shandong Qilu Pharmaceutical (5000 users) all belong to a large number of terminal points and have a wide distribution of employees. When they install and deploy the Green Shield server, they all adopt a distributed deployment mode. The above problems are solved effectively.

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